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How to start automation?

We start with a proof of concept for all customers, which usually takes 2-5 days. In this, the process to be automated is examined in more detail and all sub-processes are outlined. After that, the project flow as well as the estimated time window of the implementation is presented and discussed. After successful project planning we start with the development.

What are the entry costs for automation projects?

The costs of an automation solution depend on the development and implementation time as well as the complexity of the process. In addition to development costs, there are costs for the licenses of an automation tool. We work with different automation software providers, with different license and cost models. For the first months there is the possibility to work with so called trial licenses.

When can we expect the first results from automation?

The first results are quickly visible. After successful development, the process runs automatically and thus resources and time are saved directly. The average return on investment (RoI) of an automation project for our customers is 2 - 3 months.

Which processes are suitable for automation?

First and foremost, rule-based manual processes are best suited for an automated solution approach, with a few exceptions. It should be noted that automation is only worthwhile above a certain transaction volume.